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Nefertiti Tote Bag Our New BOUTIQUE features tote bags, ball caps, aprons, journals, calendars, mugs, mousepads, notes & cards, beer steins, intimate apparel, sweats, thongs, camisoles, boxers, golf shirts, baseball jerseys, hooded sweatshirts, tracksuits, tank tops, fitted tees, men's sleeveless T-shirts, organic cotton tees & more . . .
Fine Jewelry EGYPTIAN JEWELRY. Treat yourself to some Egyptian Sterling Silver or Gold Vermeil jewelry, in handsome amulets including the lucky scarab, the eternal ankh, the goddess Isis, the enchanting King Tut, your own Mummy locket, a serpent ring. Have some fun and get in touch with your royal self.
Egyptian Pillar Table EGYPTIAN HOUSEWARES. Now you can decorate your home in the style of Ancient Egypt. Choose from our selection of tables, clocks, fountains, goblets, blankets, candleholders, wall plaques, statues. You'll be looking good!
Bastet BASTET statues and statuettes made of hand finished cold cast resin, cultured marble and ceramic. You'll also find key chains, a Bastet blanket, Bastet champagne flutes, Bastet amulets and jewelry -- all in replicas of the forms that were used in Ancient Egypt.
Egyptiain Life Sized Guardian and Anubis LIFESIZE EGYPTIAN. NEW! Beautiful, authentically crafted, handpainted Egyptian statues which are FOUR FEET HIGH: Anubis, the classic Tomb Guardian and a Seated Pharaoh. Or seat yourself in a lifesized Egyptian King's Throne Chair ( -- you might need two). A gorgeous made to order Sarcophagus. You WILL impress your friends.
Egyptian Statues EGYPTIAN STATUES. The elegance and grace of gold-leafing sets off many of these authentically reproduced statues of IsisOsiris, Bastet, Anubis, Hathor, Thoth, Ra, Khnum, Sobek, Nehebka, Horus, Sekhmet, Sekmet, Sehkmet, Maat, Seth, Ptah, Akhenaten, Selket, Tut, Tutmosis, and Bes. Get these while you can. These gorgeous statues are in limited supply.
Wall Reliefs EGYPTIAN WALL RELIEFS. Your walls will be transformed with the authentic and exquisite ready to hang wall reliefs made in exact museum replicas from those found in royal tombs. Topics include Court Musicians, Mummification Scenes, Isis, Isis with Osiris and Horus, Ramses II at the Battle of Kadesh, the Horus Falcon, Hathor, MORE . . .
Egyptian Papyrus Scrolls EGYPTIAN PAPYRUS SCROLLS. Choose from our Anubis, Winged Isis, Eye of Horus (Udjat), Hator & Maat, Ankh & Scarab, Akhnaten, Ramses II Chariot, Bastet, King Tut Embalming, Princess Under Sycamore Tree, Hall of Judgment, Coronation of Queen Nefertari, MORE. . .
Handblown Egyptian Glass Perfume Bottles EGYPTIAN HANDBLOWN GLASS PERFUME BOTTLES. Treat yourself to the luxury of an exquisite, imported, handblown, 24k gold trimmed glass perfume bottle. These amazingly beautiful handcrafted perfume bottles are imported from Egypt. We have many sizes, shapes and colors from which to choose.
Inlaid Boxes EGYPTIAN MOTHER OF PEARL INLAID BOXES. one of these beautiful imported beechwood jewelry boxes with intricately designed Mother-of-Pearl inlay. Red velvety lining protects your treasures. Ask about our other designs. Many shapes and sizes.
Games & Toys EGYPTIAN GAMES & TOYS. Inlaid Mother of Pearl backgammon, chess sets and boards handcrafted in modern Egypt. Egyptian - Roman chess set and board with beautifully handpainted cold cast resin playing pieces. Egyptian Tarots tarot deck with its very own special leather case embossed with a golden Ankh.
Cups & Mugs EGYPTIAN CUPS & MUGS. We have mugs depicting Isis, Nefertiti, Tutankhamen, Bastet, Maat, Egyptian Court Musicians, the Eye of Horus, the Papyrus of Ani, Egyptian Hieroglyphics, Anubis, Pharoahs, Kings ... and more ! All mugs and cups are dishwasher and microwave safe. Drink in the classic memories of Ancient Egypt.
Gifts EGYPTIAN GIFTS. Half-sized replica of cultured onyx faux Alabaster Chest from King Tut's tomb, miniature King Tut Mask Statue, 100% cotton Winged Isis throw blanket, Egyptian Sterling Silver Etched Scarab Cufflinks, Gold-leafed Standing Metal Ankh Statue with marble Base, MORE. . .
Musical Instruments EGYPTIAN MUSICIAL INSTRUMENTS. SHOP For Authentic imported Egyptian musical instruments including Mother of Pearl inlaid doumbek drums, Mother of Pearl inlaid tamborines, brass finger cymbals in small, medium and large, much more . . .
EGYPTIAN SCARAB. Choose from Egyptian Ancient Style Blue/Green Handcarved Soapstone Scarab Amulet Bracelet, blue scarab silver pendant, polished blue scarab pendant on leather cord, gold vermeil pendant, handcarved soapstone paperweights in various sizes and colors, handcarved soapstone scarab beads.
SHOP here for Egyptian Sterling Silver Jewelry, Tomb-style Wall Reliefs, Handblown Egyptian Glass Perfume Bottles, Made-in-Egypt Gifts, King Tut Papyrus Scrolls, Gold-leaf Museum Replica Statuary, Bastet items, exquisite Mother of Pearl inlaid Jewelry Boxes, Drums & Tamborines, and Chess Sets, Scarabs, Anubis, Egyptian mugs and cups, and much, much more!
Own your own Egyptian Sarcophagus

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